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What are the benefits of regularly lifting heavy things

One of the three components of the primal exercise program includes lifting heavy things.

Although this may sound strenuous and could be considered as such it is actually quite simple easy to do does not take all that long, can be done just about anywhere and can provide great strength training results when used sporadically.

Hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone are stimulated during and after these workouts which help improve your body composition and also delay the aging process.

The aim of these exercises to focus on natural human movements such as lunges, squats, push ups, pull ups, planks and other body weight resistance exercises.

These particular exercises help to build a range of muscles when compared to the isolated workout experienced by some gym machines.

Your workout should always be aligned with how you feel on the day –

If you are feeling well rested and good go for it, but if you are feeling tired and rundown it’s more important to skip the session till another day

Taking this approach helps to reduce the risk of injury and burnout from regimented over stressful training sessions.

These strength training sessions should only last between 10 and 30 minutes maximum twice a week.

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