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Adam, (age 34) Port Macquarie NSW

“I felt age was getting to me and the lifestyle of an office worker and Dad of three was leaving me overweight, constantly tired and unfit.I had tried running on a regular basis and clocked up more than 600kms on my running app
After meeting with Rod….

Jenny (age 67), Port Macquarie NSW

Rod recently came to my rescue after battling with a weight problem for some time.  I found his approach knowledgeable, sympathetic, understanding, convenient and always encouraging.
The diet which I found very easy and suits me has now become a way of life.  There are a lot of foods which I previously denied myself which I can now have and enjoy without guilt.  There are many health benefits which I noticed also and it doesn’t focus on exercise, I never had any cravings or didn’t get hungry.  The only challenge is eating out but it can be done with the huge variety of food which you can have, it’s simply a matter of eating healthy.
If you’re struggling with weight and or health issues I’d encourage you to let Rod help you achieve your goals.  I’m nearly there and feel so much better in so many ways. 
I truely believe any diet will work if you stick to it but sticking to it after you’ve lost the weight is another matter whereas primal is.  No weighing, measuring, packaged meals with goodness knows what added, excessive exercise etc etc.

Alison, Newcastle

….Also I just wanted to provide some feedback on the coaching sessions / program. As you are aware I have tried many programs before and none of them have really allowed me to get to my desired goal, but I just have to say talking to you (or seeing you) has such a positive impact on my mental state and commitment to this program. Your constant encouragement and positive reinforcement is one of the main reasons this program excites me. Every time I speak to you I walk away feeling energised and as though I can make this work.  The weekly sessions are such a great tool and measure for progress in a non-judgemental way. That weekly session is the biggest difference to all other comparable programs and having access to the coach in such a direct way is such an amazing tool for the clients to have access to. Again just wanted to thank you for persevering with me!

Ben (Age 19), Port Macquarie

Starting day one with rod I had no clue what I was getting myself into but after my first session I loved what it was about and how positive and interesting it sounded, 

I went from eating fast food every day and having the biggest sweet tooth (Which I do get still) but I have the self-control now to stop that from happening. 

It has been 12 weeks since I have started and I have lost weight I am feeling healthy and happy about myself from where I have come from, the program was amazing and I would do it again and I would suggest to lots of people just to give it a go because I know they will love the outcome and end results, and I will continue to use the information I have learnt and the motivation I have now with everyday life, I feel emotionally better, physically better and mentally better with life. 

Thank you,

Jenny & Allan (Aged 75) Port Macquarie

“Rod was so helpful, encouraging and very genuine. The information folder is absolutely great & covers all aspects of the program and and a great reference to keep us on track. Shopping list and recipes have gone a long way to success.

“I was very skeptical when I started. I’ve been a calorie and fat counter for most of my life and to think I can eat all this and not gain weight is unbelievable. I’m so happy now that I can actually eat food and don’t feel guilty”

“……I found very easy and suits me and has now become a way of life.”

Dorene (Aged 48) Port Macquarie

Rod does so much more than type 2 diabetes.  As a woman quickly approaching 50, his advice and information on diet and exercise gave me immediate results.  What I loved most about talking to Rod- he gave me straightforward information about what to eat.  I found trying to research about low carb diets frustrating.  I had improved my diet and exercise routine, but wasn’t reaching my goals.  Within 4 weeks, I learned so much that was easy to implement.  The scale finally moved from the place it had been stuck.  I have more energy and feel much better.  The best part, I intend for these to be forever changes! I’m happy to swap in healthier food and shed the bread! This diet has made me loose cravings for the bad stuff in my diet, and I’m not starving all the time.  I also learned to exercise smarter, not harder- my knees thank him as well!

Name Withheld for Confidentiality, (Aged 43) Port Macquarie

I was very sceptical of Rod‘s program at first I had always counted calories and daily fat intake so to take on a high-fat diet I was very sceptical as it felt as if high-fat would increase my body fat so I had always eaten to a daily calorie intake and limited that to 30 g of fat daily to maintain my weight.


So with scepticism I embarked on Rod‘s program and could not believe that a high-fat diet would mean I would actually lose weight rather than gain weight.

I did not think it was possible to eat a salad that was not on bread and be full.

To eat bacon and eggs was a weekend treat prior to Rod‘s program due to the high fat content however to eat bacon and eggs on a daily basis and not gained fat is truly remarkable and to eat salad at lunch not on bread and still feel full is truly amazing.


In addition to counting calories in fact my whole life I had also struggled with my acne skin as an adolescent and into my adult life, my skin has improved out of sight since going on Rod’s program and the amount of people that truly comment on what products do you use, what I do to my skin or why your skin looks so great and I told them it is what you eat they cannot believe it No one has ever commented on my skin ever and to receive compliments about my growing complexion truly makes me smile as this has been an area I had struggled with my whole life.


I absolutely endorse  Rod’s program 100% to eat healthy food high-fat food not gain weight and have beautiful skin healthy hair strong long nails it’s truly amazing I now don’t have to wait for a weekend treat of bacon and eggs I can eat it on a daily basis , feel well , look well all by eating the right food.


The other thing I would note is my increased level of energy prior to Rod‘s program I would literally come 2 pm 3 pm in the afternoon and I would need to sleep I’d be so tired to get through the day I can now get through a whole day without fatigue and go to bed without even feeling as if I need to go to bed , I sleep much better and more sound sleep and I’m truly so grateful that I have done Rod‘s program.


I have been on the program for two years now as I said I went on the program to basically disprove that it could not be true.


Now I would never go back to eating anything other than what Rod‘s program offers.


Rod  is a very kind person who generally wants to help people and get results for people
you don’t come across people that normally want to help people they usually want to help their bottom line and don’t care what results you achieve.


Congratulations Rod you do a tremendous job and the fact that you actually care about a person and then achieving results rather than making money is so refreshing as people do not do that in your industry they don’t really care if you ever get better or feel well it’s just about the next patient, they just want to see the next patient and make the next dollar so a credit to you putting people before profits thank you so much 🙏

Darren (Aged 41) Port Macquarie

Hi Rod did my first Friday night in basically ever alcohol free went to bed at 9.30 had 10.5 hours sleep woke up naturally not by alarm andi feel better than i have felt in years. Im cOmmitted to this and really apprecate you being there for me.. Still not qunna hug you but haha. Going shopping this moming done my list 

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