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Why should you swim between the flags?

On my way home just the other day, I called in to our local beach for a swim.

The beach is regularly patrolled by lifeguards through the week and lifesavers on the weekend, so all in all is pretty safe.

The water looked good but was a bit rippy and choppy with the afternoon north easterly wind.

As I waded out through the flags, with half a dozen or so people already in the water, I noticed an elderly gentleman swimming on his own about 50 metres outside the flagged area.

I kept a bit of an eye on him and watched him swim, then dog paddle, then stand up, then fall over and swim and backstroke and when waves started to break over his head I immediately knew something was wrong.

I gave a few big waves to the lifeguards and started to yell the man who now looked like he was in a fair bit of trouble.

Without a board I was no help so I waded towards him, kept talking to him as he kept paddling towards me.

By this time the lifeguard had come down to the waters edge to get a better look at the scene.

After a few short minutes the man was able to get back on the sandbank where I grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet.

Exhausted and a bit rattled he stood up, thanked me and made his way back to the sand.

Next time you get out to play at the beach, even if you are a pretty solid swimmer, swim between the flags and keep an eye on your mates and others around you…because it can all be over in a flash.

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I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean and get out and play.

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