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What to take on a mountain bike trip?

There are quite a few things that I have on my “must do” bucket list.

One of these is to “Go on a mountain bike holiday”.

I’ve been on a swag of trips to ride before, but most of these have been to race or compete in an event.

Every one of these has been great, filled with heaps of memories of break downs, get offs, near misses….or bizarre motel caretakers in southern highlands.

But the ride on my bucket list is to go away…. and just ride.

So when the chance came up to join my best mate on a trip to ride Maydena Bike Park Tasmania Australia, I was more excited than a kid in a candy shop.

Then starts weeks of planning, flights, accommodation and a bit of work on my fitness so my aging 46 year old body doesn’t let me down

The anticipation builds.

A few mods to my bike and a service so it doesn’t let me down.

The anticipation builds even more.

All the stars aligned

Then the day arrives.

Dash to the airport, after getting stuck in peak hour traffic only to make check in by minutes, I check my bike in and board the flight.

And the next morning I arrive at Maydena base camp.

I check in and gear up to get ready to head off for

the first shuttle and ride….the best day ever.

Second day comes around and again I arrive at Maydena base camp but then realise….I’ve left my gloves at home.

You know that sinking feeling…..we’ve all had it.

Its happened to us all. For me Ive forgotten everything from tyre pump, spare tubes, Camelback, water, shoes, helmet, glasses, shorts, jersey and gloves. I even had a mate who forgot his wheels….yep his wheels.

There’s nothing that spoils an adventure, whether its an afternoon ride, weekend ride or an interstate mountain biking holiday….or any other holiday for that matter…like forgetting your gear.

I used to always wing it, sorting it out my gear at the last minute.

But inevitably something is overlooked, forgotten…..bugger.

But (fortunately) my wife is the complete opposite.

Always totally organised, always prepared, always.

And boy has she taught me a thing or two.

So after winging it too many times, with my wifes help, Its time to get organised.

Lets face it….we are all so short of time, when an adventure arrives we want to make the most if it….not be stuck on the sideline because of something you left at home.

So here we go, following my recent trip to Maydena Bike Park, my mountain bike trip checklist…..

Flight tickets – to your destination and back again

Shuttle pass – to cart you, your bike and gear to the top of the mountain (like a lift ticket for skiing/snowboarding)

Clothes for 3 nights – or however long you are staying

1 x Backpack for day clothes – carry on luggage

3 x Underwear + 1 x spare

3 x Socks + 1 x spare

3 x T-shirts

2 x Long sleeve t-shirts

1 x Shorts

1 x Jeans

1 x Jacket

1 x Spray jacket

1 x Joggers

1 x Cap

1 x Sunglasses

Wear all heavy clothes (jeans, jacket, joggers) on the flight.


1 xToilet bag

1 xToothpaste

1 xToothbrush

1 xDeodorant

1 xHair gel

1 xSoap

1 xAspro clear

1 x Nail scissors

1 xMini first aid kit

1 x Razor

Gear to ride

1 x Large cardboard bike box (from your local bike shop)for bike & gear. Check dimensions and weight with carrier.

1 x Bike – to suit type of riding – cross country / enduro / downhill / etc. – disassembled as require by carrier. Eg remove pedals, let down tyres, lower saddle, remove bars. Make sure bike is serviced/in good working order.

2 xMountain bike shorts, for 2 days riding

2 x Mountain bike jerseys, for 2 days riding

2 x Thermal tops – 2 days riding

1 x Spray jacket

1 x Helmet

1 x Glasses

1 x Gloves

1 x Bike shoes

1 x Knee pads

1 x Large Camelbak, backpack with hydration sytem.

2 x Spare tyre tubes

1 x Tyre pump

1 x Tools – tyre levers, multi tool, cable ties, tyre patch kit, pedal spanner

1 x Old sheet to wrap bike

1 x Old towel to wrap bars and use as tail pad for hire ute

2 x Small old sheets to wrap wheels

1 x Chain lube

1 x Fork grease

1 x Rags

5 x Plastic bags for tools, pedals, shoes, clothes

1 x Biddon + electrolyte

Video Gear

2 x GoPro cameras

2 x SD cards

1 x Card reader

1 x Charger

1 x Charge cable

1 xMini tripod

1 x Mobile holder

1 x Laptop + charger

1 x Mobile phone

1 x Charge cable

1 x Recharge battery

1 x Headphones

1 xGarmin watch

1 x Charge cable

1 x Chest strap

1 x Pen and notepad


Macadamia nuts in ziplock bags – 1 bag per day

Dark chocolate

Trail mix

Things I forgot…..

Gloves on second day!

Mini first aid kit,

Antiseptic cream,


Full face helmet


Elbow guards

Big thanks again to Pete, Nic and Bailey for having me along.

Go one….get out and play.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

To apply for a free coaching call visit

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

To apply for a free coaching call visit

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