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What are mobility exercises?

Mobility exercises should be done when your body is nice and warm like at the end of a strength session or cardio workout.

These exercises are similar to stretching but involve muscles, tendons, ligaments and essentially most of your muscular system.

A great supporter of mobility exercises is Dr Kelly Starrett

He posts a huge range of daily mobility workouts on YouTube.

The main difference between traditional stretching and mobility exercises is that mobility work is usually held for 10 minutes or longer. This can help pinpoint imbalances or weaknesses in your system.

As mentioned previously a short cardio warm-up session before getting into mobility exercises is always the way to go, rather than a static stretch when your muscles are cold.

A cold static stretch it is something that I have promoted in the past, but now understanding the benefits of a stretch to a warm muscle, realise that wasn’t the way to go.

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