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Taking responsibility for your actions

When I look back most accidents I’ve had throughout my life I probably could have avoided them or at least not have been as severe –

Split head and stitches after a builder dropped a window on me at school … I shouldn’t have been sitting under the window, Cracked vertebrae in my neck from bodyboarding… I shouldn’t have been surfing in shallow water, Torn knee at school playing “Red Rover Cross Over”…. I shouldn’t have tried to tackle my mate on the road, Getting air lifed to hospital in the Westpac helicopter unconscious with broken bones in my hand and busted shoulder from trail bike riding….old mate that hit me head on shouldn’t have been riding the wrong direction, Broken collar bone from mountain biking…”that vine really did jump out and grab my bars”….I should have taken a better line to miss the vine. Too many bumps, grazes and scratches from mountain biking then I can remember.

All these things become “scars of battle” and experiences to learn from rather than feeling like the victim or just plain old bad luck. This can also apply to the food we eat.

We can blame things like lousy food at the servo when we are travelling or poor “fat” genetics or being too busy with work for our poor health. But if we accept responsibility with what we put in our mouth and how this impacts on our health by choosing good food and changing your lifestyle will go a long way to minimise diet-related health issues.

#rods_sportsadventure #getfitleanandplay #getoutside #health #fitdad #paleo #lchf I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

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