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Is it ok to eat farmed fish?

It’s worthwhile doing a bit of research about the fish, in particular farmed fish, that you buy at the fish shop or at your local restaurant.

I assumed (incorrectly it seems) that most of our Australian fish were caught in the wild.

This however from what I have learnt recently and also speaking to our local fish shop owner is not quite the case.

Many of our fish are farmed fish and are grown in a similar way to other types of fowl and animals that we consume.

They are often grown in unsanitary conditions with antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides, living in their own waste and are often fed artificial dies to help improve the colour of their flesh.

(And Atlantic Salmon is the species not it’s place of origin as I originally thought…wrong as well.)

A report featured in Science Journal indicated that farmed salmon may have as much as 10 times the amount of toxins compared to wild salmon

So next time you are shopping for fish, it maybe worth asking a few more questions at the fish shop, just so you understand what you are actually eating.

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