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How to start sprinting for beginners

Running sprints certainly provides the greatest benefit for increased fat metabolism and to take your fitness to the next level, however it does come with the added risk of injury particularly if you haven’t run for a while.

So if this sounds like you please proceed with caution.

And if sprinting is not for you, like one of my clients who has had a knee replacement, sprint efforts on a stationary bike or in the pool can also provide similar benefits.

For beginners starting out with running sprints, start with a slow 5 minute jog and a few dynamic leg stretches.

Then when ready go for 3 to 4 all out sprints of around 10 seconds at full pace, with say a minute break in between.

Sprint sessions should only be attempted every 7 to 10 days, once your body has completely recovered from a previous sprint session and you feel well rested and without any niggling injuries or discomfort.

Once your body adapts to the 10 second sprints you are then able to step up to 6 all out running sprints of 8 to 20 seconds, or for a stationary bike or swimming sprint go for up to 30 seconds.

As soon as you feel your self tapering off from the all out effort stop and have a break and recover.

It’s important to maintain good form for the full sprinting making sure you focus on quality not length of sprint.

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