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Good fat vs bad fat

After many years health and science is finally agreeing that weight gain and heart disease is not directly related to eating fat.

A study of the diet habits of 90000 nurses over 20 years, resulting in the publication of 265 papers, showed no significant connection between heart disease and total fat and cholesterol intake.

Although other studies have attempted, but none have been able to make the connection that heart disease itself is caused by a high fat diet.

The idea that started low fat eating and became the conventional view was due to good fats and bad fats being grouped together.

Large amounts of refined polyunsaturated or chemically altered fats combined with a high processed carbohydrate diet can contribute to poor health.

However it’s important to note that other good fats (such as butter, ghee, avocado oil and coconut oil) are extremely healthy and nutritious.

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