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Bull Sharks Sighted – Beach Closed!

I don’t think there are many things that clear the water at the beach like the lifeguards broadcasting a shark warning on the PA.

This is exactly what happened this morning.

Another cracking summer morning, light offshore winds, nice swell and about a dozen surfers in the water.

When over the beach PA system –

“A large number of bull sharks

have been sighted off Flagstaff Point.

Please make your way to the shore.

The beach will be closed until advised.”

Most catch the next wave that rolls through and then stand on the beach peering at the ocean….waiting for confirmation of the alarm, that those awesome waves haven’t been lost to no avail.

But of course you always get a couple of stragglers that even after the warning, reluctantly hang around catch a few more waves or those that even get out of the water, wait for 10 minutes or so and contemplate if they will actually go back in for a surf again….”Maybe it was just a false alarm.”

Now I have been a keen surfer for most of my life and love the ocean and the waves but this is just stupid.

It wasn’t until the lifeguards actually ran down the beach and said to these guys that it was actually twenty bull sharks that were seen only 100 or so metres from where these guys were surfing only a few minutes before, that they decided to call it quits.

This gets back to Primal Law #9 Avoid Stupid Mistakes

This all seems pretty obvious when you think about it and you wouldn’t think it would need further explanation to these guys, particularly when only two days ago a poor guy was attacked by a shark near Byron Bay.

So be mindful of what you doing, be aware of the dangers and look after yourself and your mates, especially when you go out and play.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I coach over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

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