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An alternate (and possibly better) use for weight vests

Weight vests have been around for a while now.

The main purpose of these vests is to add a extra weight when training and can really help to take your fitness to the next level, faster.

I’ve only recently started using one when I train for exercises like push ups, pull ups, lunges and dead lifts. and have found huge benefits.

There are a number of weighed vests on the market. I chose a cheaper one to start, just to see if I was keen to wear it regularly.

This vests is made of comfortable breathable fabric, is easy to get on and take off and fastens with velcro straps.

Individual sand filled bags, that each weigh 450 grams, provide the weight and can easily be added or removed from pockets in the vest increase or reduce weight as required….pretty cool.

But an alternate use (and I think just as good if not better I think) is to use the weighted vest show clients how much weight they have lost while on my program.

As the primal diet typically results in an easy gradual weight reduction of 0.5kg to 1kg a week, I’ve found my clients sometimes forget how much weight they have lost after being on the program for a few months and how it feels to carry it around.

At a recent meeting with one of my clients I brought along my weight vest with 7kg weight added which was a the same amount my client has lost….. which is significant amount.

To hold this in your hands is reasonably heavy, and to put this on and walk around is quite noticeable.

But even more so when you take it off….”like a weight lifted off your shoulders” and your hips, legs and knees.

But then picture how this feels on a typical day…..

You get up out of bed,

Walk around,

Maybe walk down stairs,

Sit down to eat breakfast then get up out of your chair,

Walk around,

Get in your car and out of the car,

Walk to your office,

Sit down then get up out of your chair a few times,

Walk around a bit more

Sit down then get up out of your chair a few times,

And all this before lunch!

Every step, every sit down, every stand up…each time carrying that extra weight

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it?

You are right….it is.

Just another reason why you maybe feeling so tired each day.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I provide health coaching for the professional man who loves to get outdoors.

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