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What can I do to fall asleep faster?

During a coaching call recently, my client spoke about having trouble getting to sleep. There can be a number of causes for this, but one major factor can be the use of electronic devices.

At night when you jump on your laptop, pc , mobile phone or even when you watch tv, the intense blue light given off by these screens alters how our bodies hormones respond at that time of the day.

You see after dark, our bodies start to release melatonin, which helps us naturally wind down and feel sleepy. But the light from our devices tricks our bodies into thinking it’s day instead of night and releases the stress hormone cortisol which wakes us up.

Then when you go to bed, straight after checking the latest Facebook feed, it can take some time for your body to wind down and fall to sleep.

Ideally it is best to put your device down an hour or two before you go to bed, to give you body time to adjust.

Some people even wear yellow tinted glasses in the evening to reduce the amount of blue light they are exposed to before going to sleep.

However if you do have to cram in an extra hour or so to get that report finished for that meeting tomorrow, it’s a good idea to install an app on your device that is time sensitive and gradually changes colour of your screen as it get’s later in the night….pretty cool!

The following are links to apps that I use on my laptop, pc & mobile phone to adjust the screen colour and intensity when I’m using these devices at night.

Windows –


or for Apple for IOS try the “Night Shift” feature.

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