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Tips for Buying a New Mountain Bike Helmet – Video

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then please keep reading.

Hi guys Rod from Sports Adventure here. Today I would talk to you about things that I look for when I’m buying a new helmet.

Firstly it must be –

a comfortable fit,

must comply with Australian Standards,

adjustable chin strap,

good comfortable and removable padding if possible and

good ventilation

Have a great day…I know I will.

About The Author

Rod Bucton, mountain bike fanatic from Mid North Coast, New South Wales Australia…discover the shortcuts to mountain biking for beginners and while you’re at it follow Rod on Facebook or Instagram.

Like any sport, bicycling involves risk of injury and damage. By choosing to ride a bicycle, you assume the responsibility for that risk, so you need to know — and to practice — the rules of safe and responsible riding and of proper use and maintenance. Proper use and maintenance of your bicycle reduces risk of injury.

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