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Can you lose weight on low carb high fat diet?

Image courtesy of “Australian Dietary Guidelines”

You are probably aware by now that I am a big supporter of a high fat moderate protein low carb diet particularly when compared to the standard Australian dietary guidelines.

So you might ask why would I go against style of eating?

Well for many years I ate petty much to the standard Australian dietary guidelines thinking that this was in fact a healthy way to eat.

That was until my life was turned upside down when I fell ill with a chronic disease. And it was not until several of my treating doctors suggested I revert to a low inflammatory diet like paleo.

This was a whole new world to me and something that certainly took a while to get my head around.

But now understanding the science behind it….

That 80% of our body composition is determined by what we eat and

That our standard modern diet that consists typically of a very high proportion of grain-based fat promoting

carbohydrates (300+ grams each day). So for me this is a big reason to why I now feel better than I have ever felt in my whole life.

Sceptical? I understand I was too.

But what have you got to loose?

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

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