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A New Direction…For An Average Joe

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Hi there guys. Rod here.

Guys, today I am absolutely pumped. Really really excited. Just to recap, I have been recently thinking about my riding and how I can be more consistent on my bike. When I come out, I ride. I have a great time but I am a bit up and down. So, I have been thinking a bit more about a training plan. I have been online. I have had a little bit of look around at putting my own plan together to suit my commitments. I have got a family, I have got my work, I have got a whole range of other things I need to do with my life and so my time is limited. So looking around online, I am trying to cover something new together and not really making something that’s going to be all that suitable for me to gets good results. So what we do? So, what do I do?

Well, the next best thing or THE BEST THING – I should say – is to find an expert – someone who is riding, who is doing all the stuff I want to do all the time, and he is also coaching people. And I just so happens one of the great guys I have interviewed just a short while ago, Jamie Vogele from Trial Terra. He has been doing some awesome things on the bike likely. He is out doing a lot of endurance riding. He is doing a lot of 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours events. I would never ever get to something like that. That’s something I would only aspire to down the line. But he is doing this stuff all the time.

And also he is coaching people. I have had a bit of chat with Jamie and he has given me a bit of idea of what a plan could be for myself. And I am stunned I am really really excited. So, I have signed up to a 24-weeks coaching plan with Jamie. It is an online plan and it takes into account virtually everything that I want to achieve and I will go through that with some more detail down the line.

But just to let you guys know where I am at and where I am going. That’s my next step on making myself be more consistent on the bike, have more fun on the bike, and also align up for some of the events coming up. I have got two events in mind. One being Port to Port Stage Race in Newcastle which is in 4 separate days. I am going to cut that down in just 2 days. That’s in a few weeks’ time. And in a few months’ time, there is another event here not far from our place called the Bago Marathon which is a lot longer single day race. Couple of events in mind, something to work to, something to as a goal, and something to aspire to. Guys, I am stunned. I am really pumped. Looking forward to the journey. Come with me, enjoy the ride that I am going on, all the ups and down I am going to go through to get to my end goals here.

But for now, before I get into work I am going to jump on the bike, have a bit of ride. It is quite cool of quite a bit. It is only about 15 degrees here this morning. I have got a longer top on just to keep a bit warm before I get out. Jumping on the bike, kick start my day, nothing better for me to launch into a new day. Thanks guys. Have a great one.

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So keep in touch and see you out on the trails.

About The Author

Rod Bucton, mountain bike fanatic from Mid North Coast, New South Wales Australia… helping middle aged men improve their lives with exercise, good nutrition and good health and while you’re at it follow Rod on Facebook or Instagram.

Like any sport, bicycling involves risk of injury and damage. By choosing to ride a bicycle, you assume the responsibility for that risk, so you need to know — and to practice — the rules of safe and responsible riding and of proper use and maintenance. Proper use and maintenance of your bicycle reduces risk of injury.

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