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Morning run at Shelly Beach [Video]

Hi there,

Rod Bucton here.

Up early down at the beach for an early run.

And it’s a cracking day.

0:32 There’s a real vibe in the air here in Port Macquarie

Christmas is just around the corner.

Lots of people coming to town and a real holiday feel.

The weather is warm, the waters warm and it’s a fantastic place to be just getting out and about.

0:45 But for me today I’m out for a really really easy run.

I threw on my vibrams, shorts, shirt, hat a bit of sunscreen and got out.

0:52 Really low heart rate stuff.

For most of my exercise that I do now is low low heart rate.

So that formula 180 – your age

So for me one 180 – 47 is 133 maximum beats per minute is my heart rate that I do most of my exercise at now.

And that helps build your aerobic zone build that big engine down low build your base

And doesn’t over stress your body and keeps you ticking over and ticking over.

1:20 It takes a bit of time to build up your base fitness to be able to maintain any sort of speed or climb hills and things like that but it just takes a bit of time.

I can guarantee the benefits are enormous.

1:29 I thought it was rubbish when I first started I gave it a shot for 6 months now thats all I do and I’ve been doing it for years.

1:39 Poor old Garmin packed it in just a few days ago so I was pretty disappointed to be honest.

It’s only about 12 months old about a $500 heart rate unit.

1:49 I sent it back. The guys at Garmin have been really good.

They are going to send me a reconditioned heart rate monitor as a replacement. So standby see what happens with that.

1:58 I’m looking forward to getting it going again.

2:00 But even if you don’t have a heart rate monitor a good guide is if you can exercise just breathing through your nose in and out in and out through your nose that gives you a good indication as to where your heart rate is if you don’t have a heart rate monitor

What’s your adventure going to be this weekend?

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