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Can-Do Crepes


Freeze Time:


Prep Time:

10 minutes





  •   4 eggs 

  •   1 cup unsweetened  almond   milk                                              

  •   1 cup fine almond  flour 

  •   1/2 cup tapioca  flour 

  •   1 pinch sea salt 

  •   1 to 3 tsp block butter for cooking the crepes 


  1. Add  all ingredients into a bowl and blend until smooth. 

  2. Grease non-stick frypan or crepe maker with butter and increase heat to hot

  3. Pour 1 cup batter slowly in center of the frypan or crepe maker, and allow the batter to naturally run outward and smooth with leveler stick if you have one. 

  4. Cook until bubbles rise to the surface of the crepe and the sides firm up. 

  5. Carefully flip and cook an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute, – until crepe is cooked through. Repeat for remaining  batter. 

  6. Fill with toppings of choice and roll/fold and serve. 


Recipe inspired by;

How to make Super Sushi [Video]

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