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Why do I get a headache when I drink alcohol?

Why do I get a headache when I drink alcohol?

We’ve all had those nights out with friends lots laughs plenty of drinks lots more laughs…and the earth shattering headache the next morning.

Both go hand in hand. I get that.

But what about those much more relaxed nights and even after just one glass of wine

you suffer with a rotten headache, bad nights sleep and leaky gut symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating.

Really knocks the shire off a “quiet night out”.

Did you know it may be actually caused by the way the wine is made rather than the wine itself

Particularly for those of us who are a little more sensitive to some of these industrial processes it may be worthwhile trying a naturally produced wine and see if you still suffer from these annoying problems.

If you enjoy spirits you may like to think about tequila as it comes from a plant but is also free from sugar and gluten.

Other alcoholic drinks that don’t have as big an impact on leaky gut or losing weight are spirits like vodka rum and whiskey as these are made from potato and are gluten-free.

if you do like a drink I suggest you steer away from beer as it is made from grains.

Although there is an increasing number of gluten free beers these may still contain some type of grains and so are inflammatory.

Having said this and although I also enjoy a glass of red wine each night, alcohol is a poison to our bodies and so is burnt first when eaten with food so has a big impact on weight loss efforts.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure.

I offer private online health coaching to feel great, get fit and bring back the energy to do the things you love to do.

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