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When You Just Can’t Let It Go

A deafening silence followed the click as I stared into the distance

I picked my jacket off the back of the chair grabbed my mobile, tossed the keys in my pocket and stormed out of the office.

And then grunted at the receptionist as I passed through

“I’m going out”.

“How long will you be?”

“A while..”

The door slammed shut behind me.

I remember for the next week it kept going over and over in my mind

How. Why. What could I have done better?

They had been a client of ours for a long long time.

We had been serving them for years. Back then it was a big pitch land the contract and to prove the we had what it takes even though we were thought of as the “New Kids on the Block” and with all the right stuff!

You started slow with a few wins for the following months building to a few more wins.

And you were building a great relationship all the time.

Friday night drinks together, box seats at the Rugby and jet setting around the country from one job to the next.

The hours were long and the demands were enormous, but you had made it. You were there!

And with a reasonable fee for your hard efforts

All you had to do was keep delivering, keep jumping through those “Rings of Fire” to keep it all going.

But in hindsight you should have seen the change coming.

When the new Board was appointed a shake-up of the company was always on the cards.

All the usual stuff, restructuring, cutting costs and scrutinizing all consultant agreements.

The new board had an axe to grind, a point or two to prove and a few big egos to stroke.

We’ve ll heard it before, maybe 1000 times. To “assume” makes an “ass” out of “u”and “me”, keeps swirling around in your mind.

You assumed you would be a walk up start for the next project as you had done for years before.

But it wasn’t be that way

And now had let it slip through your fingers.

No matter how you tried you just couldn’t let it go

You’ve heard the drill about what you should be doing, building your emotional strength. Because this is not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last either.

According to it’s generally thought of as someone who is quiet, never complains and is a bit of a closed book and doesn’t show a lot of feelings.

But this is not really the case.

A better way to look at it is how you deal with challenges and then bounce back from them, with things like everyday stress and in Business when dealing with customers & project deadlines.

Because emotionally strong people are generally –

  • Don’t get too rocked by setbacks and disappointments

  • Handle change well.

  • Understand and let people know what you need

  • Look for solutions to problems

  • learn from mistakes and criticism.

  • Keep and eye on the big picture when things get tough

  • Get back on track when you fail or you get knocked back

How to do it?

How do you build your own emotional strength, ready for next time.

  • Firstly make sure you look after yourself – be well & feel well

  • Build your circle of friends & people who support you, personally & in business.

  • Put yourself out there and try a few new things, doing things like public speaking or even check something off your bucket list to build your own confidence and self-worth.

  • Get outside & move. I’s easy to get caught in daily routine because you are too busy, but it’s so easy to go for a walk and it’s good for your mind, body and reduces your stress

  • Try a new hobby

  • Eat and drink real food most of the time

  • Meditate or practice yoga or get outside in the bush

  • Manage your time by setting weekly goals

  • Get enough sleep to maintain energy and increase productivity

  • Learn to say No, which is a big one for me

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