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What the best exercise to start with?

For me one of the best things about fitness in the Primal sense (which can also be one of the most challenging) is that there is no strict program to follow. That’s right no program.

What I mean by this is that your goals will be to work out and exercise in line with your particular energy and motivation levels of the day, everyday.

This is in stark contrast to the prescriptive approach of most programs, which is based on exercising to a very strict schedule, week in week out, no matter how good or bad you are feeling, with consistency being one of the most important factors.

But with the fitness the Primal way, your priority to start is to move and keep moving, more and more each day. So it’s perfect if you haven’t exercised in a while but want to get back into the groove again.

So just move regularly at a slow pace.

No pressure,

No stopwatch,

No one yelling at you.

Just get up and keep moving, more and more each day and break up long periods of sitting by getting up an moving.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

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