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What are the benefits of cold water?

Im sure you would have felt it as well.

When you dive into icy cold water at the beach or even take a cold shower the feeling you get straight after is quite a buzz…….absolutely invigorating!

I remember when I was struggling with ‘Lyme like” disease a few years ago and I felt like I was constantly hung over day after day, week after week

Medications, treatments, acupuncture, cupping did nothing. but there was nothing that would make me feel normal even if it was only for half an hour or so like a dip in the cold water at the beach with in summer or winter.

In fact the healing properties of water have been know and used by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese for thousands of years for muscle sleep and improving immunity.

Since then others have used it to cure illness such as pulmonary tuberculosis, boosted sex hormone production, chronic fatigue conditions, blood circulation and reduced cardiovascular disease risk by stimulating the release of endorphins by our nervous system.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy over 40 year old fathers get fit, lean, strong and get out and play.

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