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Weekend Paddle With The Dolphins [Video]

30 seconds rubbish pick up

50 seconds dolphin

1.55 Absolutely Smashed!

Hey there Rod Bucton here out for a paddle this morning

A beautiful morning.

The tide is really really high today so there’s not too many waves.

I paddled out from Westport out to town beach there and I sat around for a little bit and there was a swag of dolphins,

Really really cool!

I thought I’d come over here to the north shore

Some beautiful little waves heaps of fun ones

Having a ball

Just got caught on the inside there

I got absolutely smashed

I got washed into the beach lost my cap lost my glasses, but then found all my gear in on the way in.

Absolutely stoked

Alright let’s get out there again

What’s your adventure today

Have a great day

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