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Weekend Adventure – Mountain Biking at Wayne Richards Park, Port Macquarie [Video]

Hey there Rod Bucton here out for a morning bike ride

Beautiful morning today bit a bit steamy

Summer is here

But that’s the way it goes

Add a bit of rain the other night so aisles are a little better but just super super dry

Like many places we’re in need of rain as well

Im just out for a quick adventure ride

To start the day to just get outside and enjoy a bit of sunshine

Enjoy a bit of fresh air and before I tried to make everyday and adventure in some way

I heard this a little while ago I think it was by Tony Robbins

“Try to do something that you love every single day”

And that’s exactly what I try to do

It may only be for 10 or 15 minutes

If that’s all the time that you have

Just get out and do something something that you love

Depending on the weather depending on your time and it may even be inside but me I tried to get outside whenever I can

I absolutely love it

It really kick starts me

It takes me to the next level and

Makes me enjoy the day and enjoy my life even more

What’s your adventure today

Have a great day

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