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Trail Running In The Rain [Video]

Rod Bucton here. I hope everyone’s doing well, and I appreciate you spending some time with me here.

In this post, I’ll be talking about my new trail running shoes — and how they are going for me — as well as getting out for an adventure, no matter what the conditions.

I also like to share some personal updates with everyone, so here’s the latest that’s been happening with me.

It’s the start of the weekend, Saturday morning and I’m out for a trail run but today the suns not shining, it’s raining.

And how good is this!

We’re not talking light rain or a bit of a storm, this is real drenching rain!

I’ve timed it perfectly, because I just love getting out and running in the rain.

Many years ago, when I was a kid and living on the farm, I loved doing a bit of exploring, having a bit of an adventure and occasionally ended up playing in the mud.

We also had this old modified VW rally car. We were always driving it around the paddocks, through the bush, the mud, and out in the rain. I just loved it.

So even now, getting out in the rain for a trail run is still the greatest thing to me. The sound of the rain, the smell of the rain and the cool feeling of the water on your skin.

Some people just don’t like it. They cover up with jackets and wet weather gear and all that sort of thing before they go out in the rain, or use it as an excuse and won’t go out at all.

As it’s summer now, it’s warm and yes if you go out you’re going to get wet and it’s just such a beautiful feeling, And to add to it there’s no one here, there’s absolutely no one here,

In these conditions it’s magic!

So for you you might like to think about it next time. If you’re going out, dress well, check the conditions, don’t do anything silly or dangerous and experience the weather, experience the conditions and make the most of it.

And to add to it today, I had my first run with my new Vibram trail running shoes and these are going great.

Some time ago I made the decision to try my first pair of minimal running shoes and I can say I have’t look back since.

For those of you who may not have worn a pair before, they certainly are quite different to any other jogger I’ve worn in the past. The are best described as wearing socks with a thicker sole, or even a glove for your foot. And so they feel very free, very light and nimble.

Please note: As our feet and legs have become so dependent on the support offered by conventional stiff soled shoes and joggers for most of our lives minimal shoes such as these do take some time to adjust to ie several months. Be patient.

For the first month I only walked around the house with them and then for the next two months I walked on the street. After this I started with very short slow paced jogging before moving to off-road and longer runs.

Like always when I get new shoes, I give them a bit of time just to walk them in a bit, to wear them in.

But these shoes are a bit different. Click here for the link to my review of Vibram V-TRAIL 2.0

This time with his pair I’ve also found socks that has sockets for your toes, just like a pair of gloves for your hands, because you wouldn’t be able to get your foot in these shoes with your usual socks.

My last pair unfortunately I didn’t wear socks, but I found that my feet were sweating all the time. Then my shoes would smell and my feet would smell. I would wash them in the washing machine as is recommended by the manufacturer, but they’d still smell. So this time wearing socks solves this problem.

It’s a big-big improvement.

Also this particular shoe has a slightly thicker sole than the last pair I owned. The sole on that pair certainly did wear and the sole was getting a bit thin. And I found running off road, which is something that I’d love to do, and running on the sharp rocks which is common on off road trails, used to stick into the bottom of my feet and felt quite uncomfortable and also hurt my feet.

So, this time, I’ve found a similar shoe, with a slightly thicker more aggressive sole, which has made a huge difference running on rough off-road trails

What’s your adventure this weekend?

Have a great day.

This is so, so good!

If you’d like to talk further about lifestyle coaching with me, drop me a message, we can have a chat and we’ll go from there.

I love this stuff. I love how it can transform lives, and I love sharing it with people like you.

I’m Rod here from Sports Adventure, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have a great day!

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