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Tips to help you get to sleep

We all know the importance of getting good quality sleep every night.

Some of us find sleeping easy, while many others really struggle and resort to other ways to help them sleep.

Figures from a 2011 PBS report indicated that 921,100 Australians were prescribed some form of sedative medication.

Following a sleep study of over a 1 million American adults psychiatry professior and author of “The dark side of sleeping pills”, Daniel Kripke reports that taking sleeping pills daily can impact on health of adults in a similar way to smoking a packet of cigarettes a day.

Kripke recommends the following successful tips to help sleeping –

Don’t go to bed until you’re sleepy

Wake up at the same time each morning

Try to avoid excess worry or digital or television stimulation before you go to bed

Spend plenty of time outdoors

Avoid alcohol and caffeen 6 hours before going to bed.

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