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The Key To Rebuild You

“God that sounds awful”

I smiled as I plucked madly at the strings of my electric guitar.

I knew exactly what she was talking about, but to me it was pure rock.

I’ve always loved music.

I think it goes back to when I was a kid, tuned into my fathers Johnny Cash and my mums “Best of Motown” LP’s

Back when there was no multi deck cd players and certainly no Spotify.

We heard those albums over and over again, which is probably why I can still remember every word to now, some 40 odd years later.

Then keyboard lessons every Saturday morning in primary school which kindled an interest to learn music, but it was the church hymns that killed it for me.

And as my daughter said

“It wasn’t the manliness of instruments, was it Dad?”

I’ve never thought about it like that but she was right.

Roll forward a few years, well maybe a few decades, and that urge came flooding back almost overnight when my daughters started learning to play music at school.

This was my chance to learn a real instrument and play music with my kids. Sounded like a dads dream.

I had a crack at a few tutorials online to get me started (thanks to but when I found a local teacher, and a rock teacher I was hooked.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was ringing in my ears even more than usual.

I played that thing everyday and drove my family crazy, but I had a massive goal….to play real grunge rock.

Every time it took me back to the best nights at the Bar on the Hill at Newcastle Uni. Those were great nights.

But like Bryan Adams “I played until my fingers bled”, man I hate that song, but it sure felt like it with my soft as silk fingers.

Getting into the best shape of your life is just like learning to play the guitar

Let me explain

Back when I first learn’t to play the keyboard I was just learning to read music and find the keys, but it just didn’t mean anything to me and I certainly didn’t love it.

But the next time around when I had a real goal, a real direction, I new what I wanted and it became my focus everyday.

And I set myself very specific goals. Not that I was going to learn to play the guitar

I had few very specific things in mind, and every time I listened to “The Colour and Shape” arguably the best FF album of all time or watched FF “Live at Wembley” it all come flooding back to me.

And it was my focus every spare minute of everyday.

The same goes for you to get into the best shape of your life.

First you have to set a very clear specific goal, with exactly what you want to do and write it down and read it. Everyday.

Second, find someone who has done exactly what you want to do and find out exactly what they have done.

Success in anything such as business, relationships or health and fitness leaves clues for others. Save time and don’t reinvent the wheel.

Look at these and study it, learn from others to fast track your new direction to your new goal

Or if you need a bit more motivation and someone to keep you accountable, find a coach or mentor to help to guide you there.

Third commit to it. I mean really commit to it everyday.

It’s like when you turn up with your mates for your weekly ride and one of the boys turns up with the latest ultra lightweight, longest travel suspension, highest spec’ed mountain eBike of all time.

Everyone is in awe of this beautiful machine (and the fact he has paid the same price as your wife’s new Mitsubishi Mirage, but that’s another story).

You get home and all you think about is that new bike.

Maybe its time for an upgrade for yourself.

Treat yourself. You work hard, damn hard. You deserve it.

So you google all options, read the reviews, check specs and check prices.

See a pattern?

You have set a very clear specific goal, you did your research and you committed to it, well maybe after the purse strings have loosened a bit after Corona anyway.

But you have to stick with it, test it, measure it (literally) and bat on or try something new.

I’d suggest you need to commit to one approach for at least 12 weeks (yes I said 12 weeks).

Focus on it and remind yourself where you are going with your new goal everyday and work it into your lifestyle, not a quick fix or the latest fad.

The new you awaits.

Whats your next adventure?

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