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Quick Tip #22 – How To Adjust The Air Pressure In Your Suspension Forks

Hey guys Roddo from Sports Adventure again.

Here today to talk to you with another quick tip about the air pressure in your suspension forks.

Something that you may not to give too much thought about and you might think it’s a bit of a set and forget thing, but it too needs to be checked and maintained regularly.

And you will notice a massive difference in the handling of your bike when you have the air pressure adjusted to suit your weight and you’re riding conditions.

To do this you will need a shock pump and this is quite similar to a tire pump but with a few variations specifically designed to suit your suspension forks.

Firstly we want to check the manufacturers recommendations for air pressure within the forks to suit riders weight,

Secondly remove the cap, attach the nozzle of the shock pump add air to the correct pressure as indicated by the air gauge.

Remove the shock pump, reattach the cap and you’re good to go.

Thanks guys have a great day I know I will.

Stay tuned tomorrow for you next quick tip.

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So keep in touch and get out on the trails.

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Rod Bucton, mountain bike fanatic from Mid North Coast, New South

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