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Quick Tip #16 – A Handy Addition To Your Mountain Bike Workshop That You Should Never Be Without

Hi there Roddo from Sports Adventure here today with another quick tip.

And todays quick tip is another piece of handy gear to have any home workshop which is a floor pump.

It may seem like a bit of a double up to have a second tyre pump in addition to the smaller pump that you carry on your ride.

But a floor pump has several additional features which is a benefit in your home workshop.

Firstly it allows you to pump up your mountain bike tires quicker,

It has a built-in pressure gauge so you can more accurately set the tyre pressure in your tyres and

It has a clamp fitting so you can accommodate two different valve types on your tubes – being Presta and Schrader valves.

A floor pump is very easy to use –

as you can see here the valve on my tubes are Presta valves,

Firstly simply unscrew the cap on the end of the valve

Then clamp on the floor pump on the end of the valve

Press down firmly pull the leaver up and then compress the pump until you achieve the correct tyre pressure you require.

I’ve had my floor pump for a long time and if you look after it will have it so many many years to come.

So keep in touch and get out on the trails.

About The Author

Rod Bucton, mountain bike fanatic from Mid North Coast, New South Wales Australia…discover the shortcuts to mountain biking for beginners and while you’re at it follow Rod on Facebook or Instagram.

Like any sport, bicycling involves risk of injury and damage. By choosing to ride a bicycle, you assume the responsibility for that risk, so you need to know — and to practice — the rules of safe and responsible riding and of proper use and maintenance. Proper use and maintenance of your bicycle reduces risk of injury.

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