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Quick Tip #14 – How to Protect One Of Your Most Valuable Assets When Working On Your Mountain Bike

Hi there Roddo from Sports Adventure with another quick tip.

And today’s quick tip pretty easy one, but if you are like me and you’ve spent a fair bit of a working life in an office you probably find your hands up pretty soft and don’t take too much to a bit of a knock in a bit of a scrape.

And particularly when you’re working on your mountain bike I have found using a pair of workshop gloves when I’m working on the mountain bike no matter what the job is – whether I’m washing my bike, repairing my bike, maintaining a bike I always throw my gloves on.

Keeps my hands safe avoids the cuts and scratches and knocks and bleeds and your hands a good for another day

Thanks again have a great day.

So keep in touch and get out on the trails.

About The Author

Rod Bucton, mountain bike fanatic from Mid North Coast, New South Wales Australia…discover the shortcuts to mountain biking for beginners and while you’re at it follow Rod on Facebook or Instagram.

Like any sport, bicycling involves risk of injury and damage. By choosing to ride a bicycle, you assume the responsibility for that risk, so you need to know — and to practice — the rules of safe and responsible riding and of proper use and maintenance. Proper use and maintenance of your bicycle reduces risk of injury.

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