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Lessons learnt from surviving a chronic illness to help business owners thrive

Health and wellness can be a never ending battle

From my decades of healthy living I can tell you there are times where you are positive, optimistic and have a real spring in your still step and anything you do for your health and wellness just seems to flow.

But there are also times where your customers may be down, small jobs seem to take hours and you are constantly covering for staff on leave which leave feeling tired, drained, and worn out. Like you’ve lost your spark altogether and it’s a struggle to even get up the stairs at the office, not to mention a session at the gym.

Times like these your health and wellness is your last priority.

It happens to us all.

Even the most successful business owners go through this.

But as always we must pull through as the future of your business your family and staff depend on it, because without you it all crumbles.

Self health and wellness is one of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners, so it’s no wonder that many small business owners put their success over their well-being

So then what’s the one tool to keep you powering on through even on the toughest days, when you feel like a lone sailor lost at sea.

Goal setting

Setting solid goals not only helps you get crystal clear on where you are going but also keeps your dream alive, which is why you started your business in the first place.

This is the biggest thing I have learnt which helped me live through a chronic illness that lasted for years and now I it’s a regular part of my week.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Now I have fine-tuned this approach to keep moving forward.

And you can too. I’ll show you exactly how.

In summary we’ll look at –

  • How to plan your health and wellness goals

  • What is your story telling you

  • Lessons from my sick bed

  • What its going to take

  • Going solo may not be the best option

OK let’s go get started

Step #1 – How to plan your health and wellness goals

We all have a reason we are here today. Through all the struggles there is a burning drive that keep us going. It might be to be your own boss or to give your family the life your parents struggled to give you.

This is all great but you need to make sure you are looking after your health and wellness first and foremost, even if it might sound selfish.

Because without you the who show grinds to a halt.

A great example is when you travel by plane. You board the aircraft, find your seat, pop your gear into the overhead compartment, get settled and tune in (or tune out) of the pre-flight briefing

“In case of emergency an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling. Always put yours on before children”

You can’t help anyone else if you are out of action yourself.

So it’s time to start taking care of you.

Let’s think about it for a minute and take a look at where you are at today and where are you going.

What do you want to really achieve?

Loose a bit of that muffin top around your waist

Improve your fitness

Look good in the mirror

Feel well again

Be able to run around with your kids

Or even get ready for a bit of an adventure…

That surf trip to Indonesia or

Mountain biking in Tasmania or

Hiking through the Himalayas.

Now write it down and be really specific about what you need to do.

Step #2 – What’s your story telling you

It all starts with your story, the story that you tell yourself in your own mind.

It may have come from something you have done recently or even go back to an experience you had as a kid and so you may have carried it with you for years.

This influences how you see yourself – you may see yourself as a bit of a joker, a bit conservative or even a risk taker and then you live your life based on this.

To do all this you then set standards for yourself which limit and control you and give you boundaries to live in.

If you think you are an athlete and are super fit you will live a life to keep this going and make sure this is a high priority.

If you think you are big boned and can’t lose weight you will give this the highest priority to yourself to hang onto this.

Then it’s your daily habits that you’ve developed that will keep you there day in and day out.

If you are struggling to change your health and wellness, it’s a fair chance this is what’s holding you back.

Start to listen to your story.

What is it telling you and how is it guiding you?

Is it time to re-write your story for your new goals?

Step #3 – Lessons from my sick bed

Living through years of chronic illness took me to the lowest point in my life. The trials of a controversial illness and treatment regularly pushed me to my limits.

But thinking back every day I set myself a goal for the day to do something. Anything.

It maybe to walk to the end of the street, to peel vegetables for dinner or even just to get out of bed on some days was a huge achievement for my body and mind.

The whole time being pulled by my Big Why? My big emotional reason to live which was to get back to life with my family and my friends and get outside to do the things I love to do.

So with this in mind, what’s your Big Why? What’s pulling you towards your lifestyle change and will keep you there.

Step #4 – What’s it going to take

All the goal setting, planning and research is worth nothing without effort. And I mean real effort because it’s going to take a change and sometimes a lot of changes from how you’re living, that has got you to where you are today.

The best way to do this is just one step at a time, building on it one week to the next and to the next. Be patient and make sure you moving forward and fine-tune as you go.

And put all that reminiscing of how your life used to be behind you. Yes they were great days and great memories, but it’s time to move on, get out for new adventures and make new memories.

Step #5 – Going solo may not be the best option

Ask around for someone who has done what you want to achieve.

Then ask yourself a few questions

Will it work for you?

Will it give you the outcome that you’re after?

Will it work with your life and your family?


Even if you struggle with slow days goal setting can help improve your health and wellness without turning your life upside down.

I’m proof that you don’t have to be a life-long gym junkie or professional athlete to be healthier fitter and more well at almost 50 years old than I have been in my whole life.

All it takes a plan, re-write your story, be clear on your Big Why, put in some real effort, find a coach or mentor and be consistent and you will be on your way to your new lifestyle.

Some days it won’t always come together as you planned but stick with it over time and your goals will help guide you to achieve the results that you are after.

What’s your process for goal setting your health and wellness?

Do you have any other tips that I haven’t mentioned?

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