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Is Dark Chocolate Healthy?

Some people may think that a move to a primal lifestyle with a focus on a low carb, medium protein, high fat diet could be quite restrictive.

And yes limiting what you eat to meat, fowl, fish, vegetables, eggs, healthy fat (animal fats, avocado, butter, coconut products), nuts & seeds could be considering the enormous variety that we have in our modern diet.

However once you understand he benefits of going to a primal style of eating, after putting this in place for three to four weeks and feel the benefits then you will appreciate what all the hype is about.

If only you knew this and could have made the change years ago…..I know I certainly do.

There are however a few treats that have made it into the primal food plan.

The first is red wine (although it has recently been removed from this list as it is a toxin to our body) which I still enjoy a glass a day.

The second is dark chocolate. Although it does take a little time to adjust from milk chocolate to its bittersweet taste, it is very satisfying and is a highly nutritious food because of its high antioxidant values.

The percentage on the label actually relates to the percentage of ingredients taken from the cacao bean by weight. The higher the percentage – 85% or greater – the better.

My current preference is Frey’s Supreme 85% extra dark Bittersweet chocolate, with its 30.4 grams of fat, 18.2 gram of carbs and 10.4 grams of protein in a 100 g bar, which I find is absolutely delicious.

Why don’t you I try today?

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