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How can I stop feeling hungry all the time?

Feeling hungry all the time? Fat could be your friend!

Enjoying a meal together with family and friends is a wonderful part of our culture.

Dining in or out a BBQ in the backyard or a picnic down at the park has become a great social event for many years.

For the most part, eating is a wonderful thing and then mix in some good music and a few good laughs and you’ve got a get together that will be remembered for sometime.

At the core of it yes you feel satisfied for an hour or so afterwards, but it just doesn’t last. It never seems to.

And then you start to feel a bit peckish for a snack and that urge starts to creep in.

A handful of biscuits here, a packet of chips there (but just the mini size) and then wash it down with a cool beverage or two or three?

This will tide you over to your next feed, when you can top it up again.

So why do we actually get hungry all the time?

Well that’s a no brainer. As most of us know it’s your body’s way of telling you that you have used your fuel and you need more to keep ticking over, for more energy, to keep your brain and your organs and your cells functioning.

Basically to stay alive.

Because without it let’s face it we would be in a sorry state.

This takes me back when I was living a corporate life, working in an office in Newcastle, the minute I stepped inside in the back door, I felt like I was racing.

From one phone call to the next, from meeting to meeting, I was always running to the clock.

Lunch was often networking in the hope of winning over the next client for the next great project. And when that wasn’t on it was always a quick bite and snack on the run.

I remember ducking in and out of McDonald’s drive-thru in the suburbs of Sydney and on the Central Coast for a quick Big Mac, because a beef patty and salad was healthy right? topped off with a Chocolate Shake, which was a bit like a dessert and a drink all-in-one, A bit of a treat because I felt like Id earn’t it and it filled me up!

But it never seemed enough.

I felt satisfied for an hour or two but then I was so hungry I felt like I could eat a horse.

Yeah sure I was exercising a little each morning a trail run in the bush or a ride on my mountain bike which was my ultimate stress release.

Because without regular meals, I felt tired, grouchy, even suffered a few stomach cramps, a little light headiness and a headache or two.

I can’t imagine how some people get by on some diets that involve huge calorie restriction. Which as the name suggests reduces the amount of calories or energy that you eat with the idea you are eating less calories than you use or burn

This often then not leads to almost starving yourself and sneaking a few treats or even whole meals to get you through


Maybe this works for the lab rats, but not for us everyday folk.

Research has shown this is not the way we have adapted to live over millions of years.

What are you doing wrong?

Our modern diet to is mainly carbohydrate based, such as breads, pasta, rice, biscuits, sugars. Once we have eaten a meal or snack like this then our body breaks this down into vitamins, nutrients and into glucose.

As we are only able to use and store a small amount of glucose as energy, and so the energy from it doesn’t last for long.

So it needs constant topping up to keep your body ticking over and a lifetime struggle maintaining healthy weight.

As high levels of glucose in our system are toxic, your body then has to produce excessive amounts of insulin to move it around your body.

Over a lifetime this can lead to developing a resistance to insulin, locking off the ability o use stored body fat for fuel or down a path requiring insulin injections to deal with lifestyle disease like Type 2 diabetes.

What do you need to do?

My preferred style of eating inline with research of our ancestors is low carb, medium protein and high (good) fat.

I no longer am dependent on having to eat meals at regimented times throughout the day, everyday.

If I skip a meal or don’t eat until much later than normal I feel zero side effects.

No hunger, no light headiness and no irritability. with energy to burn! Even as I kock on 50 years old.

Over time my body has moved to becoming efficient at burning stored body fat or healthy fat I’ve eaten, rather than short lasting energy from carbo’s and Ive never felt better in my life.

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