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Extract From Interview With Mandy Napier “I used to believe there was a quick fix” Video

To hear the extract of the interview, simply press play button below (make sure your volume is turned up).

Or if you prefer to read the transcript, see below –

Rod: Yeah. What are some of the top things you believe someone should focus on to start to get their mind back on track?

Mandy: I used to believe there was a quick fix, because a lot of the tools and techniques I use are much faster than many of the traditional methods, but really, there is no quick fix to change, and you would know that so well in your journey to health with your challenges. But I guess inside that person, they have to have a little desire to change. It doesn’t matter if they’re fearful of feeling stuck or they’ve got to find that desire. And I guess one of the other really important things is that people need to know you can’t do it on your own. That was one of my biggest things I had to learn. I thought I could fix myself and I would sort everything else out, but I realized as humans, we’re not meant to do it on our own, and when we’re brave enough take the first step and enlist help, anything is possible, but we must also be consistent.

Click to hear the full interview and read the transcript.

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