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Extract From Interview With Mandy Napier “ABC Principles of Success”

To hear the extract of the interview, simply press play button (make sure your volume is turned up).

Or if you prefer to read the transcript, see below –

Rod: That sounds fantastic. Are you able to share any of the techniques or methods you go through to help someone once they are on their way?

Mandy: I have put a trademark on my coaching methodology, and I have an ABC Principle of Success. The first thing we have to do is we have to get clarity. We spend a bit of time getting really clear so the client gets the picture of where they are now, what isn’t working, what are their pain points, but also looking at their brilliances they’ve forgotten about. We then look at what they want, and I really want them to get so connected to what they really want, and then the work starts when we look at what is in the way. A lot of my work in the beginning are actually spent exploring their inner thoughts and beliefs. Because they are one of the filters that people do life with. And when we can shift some of our beliefs and our thinking, it opens up so many possibilities because our thinking impacts our feelings, and they

both influence each other, and both of those impact our behaviors. So I work a lot on teaching my clients techniques how to change their thinking because most of what we do is on autopilot and our thoughts become habitual. Most people aren’t even aware of 2, never mind 200, of the 50,000 thoughts we have going on in our head every day. So we start with that. I also use some techniques and tools from neuroscience, from neurolinguistic programming and inbraining, which is the latest research from neuroscience. Everything in life is energy, so if we can review a past event in our lives from a different perspective, it has to change in some format. We store memories spatially and through our senses, so if we can make a shift and change one of the sub modalities or the senses or the location that it is happening, we’re breaking up some of the problems so the client can see something different. For instance, I’ve helped a lot of people who have had anxiety, depression, and weighed down with negative feelings. So I have some techniques that actually help shift them. And if they do them consistently, they can take charge of their feelings and how they feel and what they are thinking.

So keep in touch and see you out on the trails.

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