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Extract From Interview With James Wilson “…Fix The Hip Hinge…” – Video

I had an epiphany one time, I told a story bunch of times, written about it but you know being in the skills clinic one time and watching the coach trying to help someone get into a good body position and I just had this epiphany like, man, I bet this guy couldn’t get off the bike and touches his toes.

Rod: Yeah. Sure.

James: Like, there’s no way he’s going to be able to slide his hips back and lower his chest while keeping his spine neutral and get it into a good low attack positive for body position. So you know, that was when I realized, like what this guy needs to do is get off of the bike. You know fix the hip hinge, strengthen the hip hinge and then he can get back on the bike and start up applying his hip hinge to the specific skills of body positions and other things on the bike. But as long as he’s just on the bike, that’s not going to fix his hip hinge and he’s just going to keep applying you’re trying to figure out how to work around this bad hip hinge.

Click to hear full interview and read the transcript.

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