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Blackbutt 12 Hour – MTB Event – Saturday 8pm

Hi there guys. Rod here. Just wrapping things up now, packing up our gear after an awesome day at the Blackbutt 12 hour. We have had an absolute ball. We have had fantastic weather. We have had some great trails, some great single track, and fire trail.

And obviously the wind has run through from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and we have got a bit of night riding as well. Not a lot, the old legs just didn’t have any tackle left and I thought it was good to call it quits before we really exhausted ourselves. We have had an absolute ball. Great course. Great people. And also landed second place for our division which we are absolutely [unclear 0:49]. So, as I said, just packing our gear up and heading home and we had a ball.

Guys, if you get a chance then find an event like this in your local read. There are heaps of them around. You just need to ask around, check with the local club, or people that already know, or people that are writing things, pull an entry in with some mates and do it.

I had so much fun. We had such a blast. If you win, first, second, third, or come last, it doesn’t matter. But the events are so good. They so well run. Good people. Everyone out just wanting to ride a bike and enjoy some awesome trials altogether. Had some good time. So check it out, guys.

All right. That’s all from me now. Catch you later guys.

So keep in touch and see you out on the trails.

About The Author

Rod Bucton, mountain bike fanatic from Mid North Coast, New South Wales Australia… helping middle aged men improve their lives with exercise, good nutrition and good health and while you’re at it follow Rod on Facebook or Instagram.

Like any sport, bicycling involves risk of injury and damage. By choosing to ride a bicycle, you assume the responsibility for that risk, so you need to know — and to practice — the rules of safe and responsible riding and of proper use and maintenance. Proper use and maintenance of your bicycle reduces risk of injury.

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