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Are vegetable oils good or bad for you?

I don't know about you but for years I thought vegetable and seed

cooking oils were healthy. Well they sound healthy….don't they?

Did you know –

Canola oil is a highly refined and engineered product. Most canola oil when processed looses many of its natural omega 3 fats and is converted into trans fats.

(It is believed that trans fats increase our risk of heart disease.) Polyunsaturated vegetable and seed oils commonly used as home cooking oils are also found in many frozen, packaged and restaurant foods.

They are highly sensitive to light heat and oxygen and can easily go rancid at room temperature making them a poor choice for cooking.

Margarine also is also produced with chemical additives at high temperatures and most are made from unhealthy refined vegetable oils.

So with this in mind its good to know media has finally caught up with the science recognizing the benefit of good fats and supports natural saturated fats like butter and criticizes the long held belief that lead to processed oil’s like margarine becoming popular.

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