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A massive lightbulb moment….

Today I want to share something with you after having a follow up with a client of mine earlier last week.

A client of mine has lost a lot of weight while on my program and is halfway to achieving their goal at week 9 in the program, which is a fantastic result and I am really stoked for them!

This person however had become a little frustrated as the weight loss had stalled and although we had spoken about our bodies transformation not being a straight line and plateaus should be expected, my client was starting to question the programs suitability for them.

On a closer review however even though this person had maintained a consistent approach to the program (low carb, medium protein and high healthy fat) we discovered that a number of the healthy food choices were in fact of high carb content and hence had taken my client out of their easy “Weight loss sweet spot” range.

This was a massive light bulb moment for this person and following a review and an alternate approach to suitable low carb foods, is now back on track and confident to achieve their result.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their weight or would like to improve their fitness, jump online go to scroll down to the “Yes I want to lose weight, get fit lean & play” button and apply for a free coaching session and we can go from there.

Have a great day.

I am Rod Bucton. This is Sports Adventure

I help busy parents get fit, lean and get out and play.

To apply for a free coaching call visit

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