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Hi, and thanks for wanting to make contact… Here are a few contact options:


You can snail mail me (hand written cards are my absolute favorite).
My postal address is: PO Box 353 Laurieton NSW 2443.


You can message me on Facebook using my sportsadventure


You can Skype me at rod_bucton. You will have to send me a Skype contact request first and please be detailed in the contact request message. Don’t send the default “Please add me as a contact” message, as that is what the spammers do and I don’t respond.


You can fill in the form below and submit. These submissions are screened to filter out the spammy “I’ll rank you on page 1 of Google” messages… The others get sent to me.


NOTE: Before submitting the form, please check your email address carefully and make sure you’ve provided enough information in your message to allow me to provide a useful answer…

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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